Bison from Canada

A Culinaric trend from the North of America conquers Europe: The meat of the bisons which grow up on the open land of Albertas – the „Grande Prairie“ of Canada – is very nutrient, delicate and distinctive. Especially for health-conscious epicures bison meat is a suitable option to beef.

Beef from Ireland

Ireland is known for its stunning green landscape and its wide meadows – that’s why people often call it the „green island“. Of course conscious agriculture and free-range keeping is a well-known Irish tradition.

Argentinean beef

Fresh air, green gras, clean water – Argentina is perfect for cattle-breeding. It’s the special quality oft he black Aberdeen angus cattle which makes Argentiean beef  such a special treat.

Wagyu meat from Australia

The Australian black wagyu is a descendant of the popular Japanese wagyu bull. It’s meat is a very rare treat because of its extraordinary quality and the exquisite aroma.

Lamb from New Zealand

In the middle of the South Pacific ocean you can find one oft he last untouched places on earth: In New Zealand young lambs grow up surrounded by a clean enviroment. The ecological incident and the strict control oft he lamb-raise guarantee a high quality. Gourmets appreciate the meat because of its mild taste, its aromatic tenderness and its salubriousness.
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